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Challenging traditional ideas

Angle Design and Project Management leads the way in bespoke urban design solutions. By challenging conventional thought processes with creative and complex design, management, and planning, we deliver contemporary concepts that are timeless, economic, sustainable, and exceptional.

Our award-winning, pioneering designs intertwine functionality with aesthetic and long-term value, exceeding client expectations while remaining on-budget. Catering to the small to medium business market, we develop unique solutions that solve complex problems without compromising on the aesthetic.

Directed by modern technology, science, and the everyday needs and wants of our clients, our integrated and structured design process delivers roadmaps that include a site assessment, concept drawings, design development, and well laid-out construction plans.

As a modern design and project management studio, we deliver and manage professional and creative projects. Under principal designer Chris Cooper’s leadership, Angle Design and Project Management continues deploying functional and creative concepts.

By partnering with Angle Design and Project Management, you will work closely with a trusted design consultant that is both engaged, and involved, perfect for your boutique development.

Sustainable design

Modern sustainability extends beyond environmental awareness – it includes sourcing ethical materials from suppliers, protecting workers’ rights, and securing the construction’s longevity. To make our projects sustainable and environmentally responsible, we factor efficiency from the earliest design phase.

Our multidisciplinary-developed work and lifestyle spaces capture light, optimise space, and encapsulate imaginative solutions to complex problems. We take commercial spaces from concept to completion, engaging with you at every step to keep your desires at the forefront.

Creative use of natural light, shading, and ventilation limits the need for artificial lighting and temperature control systems. With hand-picked, multidisciplinary teams that represent excellence, we avoid the environmental impacts of future retrofitting by factoring efficiency into the design phase from its earliest phase.

Selecting specialist teams for each project and developing designs alongside our clients, Angle Design & Project Management shapes Brisbane and southeast Queensland with bespoke building design, project management, hydraulic design, and sustainability.

Green buildings must benefit both the environment and the end user, because social sustainability is just as important as environmental sustainability. Today, even more than before, good designs and creative problem-solving are vital to the modern urban landscape.

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At Angle Design, we create buildings that benefit both people and place.

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